Female Hair Loss & Receding Hairline Treatments – Brisbane & Gold Coast

At Medici Capelli in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we understand that, for women, any form of hair loss can be extremely traumatic. The good news is, you are not alone. Approximately 60% of people treated in our clinic in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are women suffering from hair loss.

For most women, generalised thinning caused by hormonal activity or DHT can be easily treated at the Medici Capelli clinic in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our experience in female hair loss treatments and products have provided our clients with remarkable results, making us one of the leading experts in hair loss treatments for women.

For women with scarring due to facelift or other causes, our female hair loss treatments, including hair transplantation for women, can replace the lost hair with a completely natural looking hair line.

Here at Medici Capelli in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we understand that female hair loss can be very difficult for those women who suffer from it. That is why our female hair loss treatments include:

  • Hair transplantation
  • Synthetic hair implants
  • Laser therapy
  • Medici Capelli products
  • Trichology

Female pattern hair loss usually shows in either the crown or behind the hairline and appears much larger or pronounced over time. Female balding is detected when you can easily see the scalp through the hair.

For a woman, this is a horrifying situation and not as commonly accepted as it is in a man. There are many causes for female hair loss, for example, stress, hormones, prolonged illness, etc.

How do I start my hair loss treatments?

Telephone Medici Capelli on 07 55269255 for an appointment to discuss the available treatments. We can then assess which treatment would suit you best.

Best hair loss treatments for women

In some cases, these treatments will not correct the problem, however, a hair transplant (micro graft, dense pack) may be an option. Our clinic has treated many women with this procedure. It usually restores fullness and density with no obvious signs of a procedure ever having taken place. Please refer to our transplant page or eyebrow transplant page.

Another option for many women is a synthetic hair implant. This procedure is performed with instant results in one day. Please refer to our Synthetic Implant page. A tolerance test of fibres must be carried out prior to a full, thickening procedure is performed. This is performed under local anaesthetic in a few short hours, shampooed, blow dried and you’re finished.

Hair loss treatment products for women

All Medici Capelli products are safe and effective for women. They are specifically formulated to grow your hair thicker, faster, longer. Products are available at our online shop.

So, don't despair, you have several options:

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