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Anyone who has experienced hair loss or thinning hair has, at one time or another, probably hoped to find a baldness cure.  They may try any new product or home remedy recommended to them to try and stimulate their hair to grow.  However, there is no particular or proven cure for baldness, as there are medical causes for hair loss, as well as genetic factors and hormonal issues that can affect hair growth.


With some hormonal conditions that affect the growth of hair, genetics can be one of the reasons your hair is thinning.  Contrary to popular belief, you can get the baldness gene or inherit hormonal issues from either side of your family.  If you have a relative that has had thinning or balding hair, especially one in your immediate family such as a grandfather or father, you will probably inherit the same issues as your family member.


There are some products that can be used to stimulate hair growth when used in conjunction with other medicated shampoos or products as well.  For instance, to have your scalp absorb the hair loss treatment Minoxidil, commonly sold as Rogain, one of our hair loss specialists may recommend that you use a hand laser to stimulate the follicles of your hair and to help blood circulate better in your scalp.  It can also help products penetrate your scalp more easily, getting them to where they are most needed to aid in hair regrowth.


If you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning issues and want to determine the cause, contact our offices and schedule a consultation.  Our specialists will be happy to discuss your hair issues and recommend treatments that can help you up to and including hair transplants. Australia has never seen a hair loss clinic achieve better results than Medici Capelli!

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