Hair Transplant Cairns

Our surgical hair transplant clinic is located on the Gold Coast but we can schedule consultations with patients in Cairns via phone, email or Skype if necessary.

Hair Restoration Solutions that Work

Are you looking for a permanent hair loss solution that actually works? Then undergoing hair transplantation at Medici Capelli might be right for you!

Medici Capelli can offer clients in Cairns the best hair restoration options at an affordable price. There are several alternatives for you to choose from to restore your hair. If you opt for a non-surgical solution, you can use medicines, hair care products, wigs or a hairpiece. But if you want a permanent solution for hair thinning or baldness, then a hair transplant is recommended. Our clients in Cairns can obtain fuller hair and amazing results after just one procedure.

We ensure that each of our clients has the best opportunity to yield maximum results based on individual differences after a single procedure. We respect the donor area and always ensure that enough yield remains for further harvesting if it’s required in the future.

Patients are welcome to look through our before and after photos and videos prior to their procedure. Our combination hair restoration technology and outstanding customer service has placed us at the forefront of our industry.

Hair Transplant Expectations

As a patient of Medici Capelli Clinic, this is what you can expect.

Our hair transplant procedures are both relaxing and comfortable. Along with taking an oral sedative prior to your procedure, a local anaesthetic will be used to reduce any discomfort during your transplant. Patients will even have the option to read a book or watch a movie during their surgery.

Using our specialised hair transplant techniques, healthy hair follicles will be extracted from the back or side of your head and transplanted to the balding or thinning area.

Once your procedure is complete, you will be given a unique set of aftercare instructions that should be carefully followed to achieve the best results. You will need to practice patience during your recovery because the implanted follicles will require several months to settle and start growing. Most patients can start enjoying a fuller head of hair 12 months after their transplant.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Solutions

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for hair transplantation and some people simply prefer not to go the surgical route even if they could. At Medici Capelli, we offer a range of non-surgical hair restoration methods that encourage natural hair growth and treat common scalp and hair growth problems.

Here are a few of the non-surgical options available to patients on the Gold Coast:

  • Scalp Micropigmentation. During this procedure, small follicle shapes are tattooed on the scalp, creating the illusion of hair. In just two to three sittings, you can achieve your desired results.
  • Specialised Hair Loss Treatments. If you are struggling with male pattern hair loss, generalised thinning or specific Alopecia, there are medications, shampoos conditioners available from our Gold Coast clinic that can help you treat the symptoms of this condition. Also available online
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. Also known as PRP therapy, this treatment uses growth factors present in your own blood to stimulate the scalp and encourage your existing hair follicles to grow and new follicles to form.

To determine which of these hair loss treatment options are right for you, contact Medici Capelli Clinic about a consultation.

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