Hair Transplants Costs at Medici Capelli

Hair Transplant costs vary depending on many factors including the size of the area and whether FUT or FUE method is used.

While some companies quote in hair numbers, we quote in graft numbers. This makes a big difference. For instance, a 1000 GRAFT transplant would equate to approximately 2500 HAIR transplant. Each graft is catagorised into single, double or triple follicle selections. This gives greater coverage, a natural hairline and maximum density into the areas needed.

All transplant procedures are performed in our fully equipped theatre, right here on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast. Morning tea & lunch are offered on procedure day, along with aftercare medication, DHT Blockers, Minoxidil, Shampoo & Conditioner free of charge.

Here at Medici Capelli we’re committed to helping each and every client achieve the best results possible, regardless of how many grafts are required.

Consultations are free of charge. Book yours today to discuss the method and costs for your hair transplant procedure.

Zero interest Payment Plans available with Payright. Call in to discuss and find the right plan to suit your budget.





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