Receding Hairline Treatment in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Dealing with hair loss can be stressful and frustrating at times. This is why the professionals at Medici Capelli in Brisbane and the Gold Coast work hard to provide excellent receding hairline treatment and services.

What causes the hairline to recede?

One of the most common causes of receding hairlines is the baldness gene inherited from either of your parents. If you have this gene, you may eventually lose your hair. The age that hair loss begins and the amount of loss can vary and be influenced by many things.

Hormones called androgens circulate in your blood, and the gene for baldness causes your hair follicles to become sensitised to these hormones. Hair follicles shrink and produce thinner, shorter and lighter hair. At the same time, the growing phase of hair cycles becomes shorter but the resting phase doesn’t change. In the shorter growing phase, new hairs never reach the surface of your scalp.

Male pattern baldness is not constant but occurs in ‘fits and bursts’. Male hair loss can begin at any age and can continue for 10 to 40 years. The proportion of men with male pattern hair loss roughly corresponds with age – at age 30, about 30% have signs of hair loss, whereas at 50, about 50% show signs.

Now for the good news! Here in our Medici Capelli clinic in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we specialise in receding hairline treatment. Hairlines can easily be recreated and scars camouflaged in a few short hours using single follicle hair grafts. This method of hair transplantation is safe, virtually undetectable and a permanent solution.

How is Medici Capelli’s receding hairline treatment different from other hair restoration companies?

Our Medical Director in our Brisbane and Gold Coast clinic, Dr. Leat, is dedicated to providing each and every patient with the very best quality care and the highest standards of aesthetic surgery. His technical skill in receding hairline treatment, hair transplantation and in many other fields of modern cosmetic medicine is complemented by his ability to understand and relate to his patients.

“Hair loss is a topic close to my heart. Having watched my brother lose most of his hair by the age of 20, I know what a blow it can be to self-esteem and confidence,” says Dr. Leat.

“My team and I share one goal, which is to improve our patient’s enjoyment of life. We take this responsibility very seriously. Having a hair transplant is not a procedure to be afraid of, and I encourage my patients to talk to me about their concerns. I want them to make sure that all their questions are answered and they are totally comfortable with the procedure.”

What do the patients say?

1. “My only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier – it’s changed my life!”

2. “I was not at all happy about my hair loss, didn’t want to wear a wig and had little faith in pills and lotions. I was also very sceptical about transplants, having only ever seen the old plug style – I didn’t realise that the latest transplants were undetectable, so of course the old ‘doll’s head’ look was the only type I had ever noticed.

All the information on the latest technique was explained in detail, along with a guarantee that if over 90% growth was not achieved, then replacement hairs would be given free of charge – this statement alone told me they were highly professional, committed and dedicated to their work.

I decided to go ahead with a transplant scheduled for June. My first procedure was 1500 grafts at the front area and I was told to wait the usual 6 months before seeing any decent growth. But after only 3 months, I was seeing significant growth, was delighted with the result, and starting to feel better about myself. A second procedure of 1500 grafts was transplanted to my crown area and, once again, the results have been outstanding.”

3. “I first went to Medici Capelli in May ’05. Of course I was a little anxious, as I think most people are, but after sitting and talking for a while at my initial consultation, I soon settled and felt very comfortable.”